07 everyday habits that can damage our health

Many of us are accustomed to committing many daily habits, some of which may be harmful to mental and physical health, which many do not know, so we review for you below the most famous habits that harm health, according to “Bright Side.”


A person practices many daily habits that are harmful to his health and cause him to retreat day after day, and these habits or behaviors are usually unintended, and he does not already know its severe consequences for his health.

1- Reviewing emails at night, one of our daily habits, but it exposes us to more stress and a feeling of stress.

2- Sitting in an intertwined position, although it is a comfortable position, it can raise blood pressure temporarily by 10%, and it also causes blood to accumulate in the legs, which increases the risk of developing a blood clot.

3- The pressure on the pimples leads to the formation of scars, which can cause bacteria to enter the blood.

4- Toasting bread at high temperatures may produce a chemical compound that causes cancer, according to the World Health Organization.

5- Although applying sunscreen is vital to the skin; its daily application deprives the body of vitamin D, which may lead to osteoporosis.

6- Drinking very hot fluids such as tea and coffee can expose the person to esophageal cancer.

7-Studies have revealed that hand dryers in toilets can absorb stool germs from the air and return them to your hands. Thus it is best to use a paper or cotton towel.

8 – Relaxation may prevent us from falling asleep at night, which causes fatigue, excessive eating, and an imbalance in the body’s hour.

Daily habits that harm the health of the kidneys, most notably the use of painkillers

First: Not to empty the bladder regularly:


Given the daily obligations associated with work or study, many people may find it difficult to go to the bathroom regularly, or in other words, they prefer to urinate only when they feel an urgent condition for that, which is harmful as long-term urine stays in the bladder increases the Bacterial chance reproduction, which warns of a urinary tract infection.

Second: Take painkillers:

07 everyday habits that can damage our health

Taking analgesics without prescriptions regularly for a long time can lead to some damage in different organs of the human body, such as the stomach and kidneys, as it may hinder the blood supply to the kidneys and then the possibility of kidney failure!

Third: excessive intake of salt:

07 everyday habits that can damage our health

As the kidneys play a significant role in dealing with salts in the body in terms of excretion, re-absorption, etc., when the level of salt ingested is high, this means more pressure on the kidneys, which may cause stress and lower work efficiency, in addition, to gradually increasing blood pressure This may reach the secondary type of pressure disease.

Therefore, doctors and specialists recommend that the amount of salt that a person consumes daily should not exceed the equivalent of a teaspoon.

Fourth: Failure to follow sugar and pressure:

07 everyday habits that can damage our health

Diseases such as sugar and high blood pressure are characterized by having a wide range of effects and complications that may affect different organs and systems of the body, including the kidneys. Therefore, the patient needs to be interested in following the blood sugar level and measuring the blood pressure first-hand and following up on any developments or abnormal measurements with The specialist doctor.

Fifth: smoking:


Smoking leads to narrowing and hardening of the arteries, which threatens blood flow to the kidneys. It also raises blood pressure, which can also lead to the same effect.

According to one research, people who smoke more than a pack of cigarettes per day have a 51% greater risk of developing chronic kidney failure compared to non-smokers.

Sixth: Not consuming sufficient quantities of water:


The body needs large amounts of water during the day to regulate metabolism and other vital processes of the body.

Not consuming the necessary amount of water daily reduces blood flow to the kidneys, which greatly affects its work.

Seventh: Excessive stimuli:


Excessive stimulants such as coffee and tea, as well as soft drinks, are considered harmful habits that are harmful to kidney health, as they are the most important causes of high blood pressure, which is reflected negatively on the kidneys and their functions.

A study published in the scientific magazine also indicated that consuming caffeine would affect your kidney stones, as it increases the level of calcium in the urine.

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