Exercise or Diet: What matters more?

Don’t be deceived into believing that only dieting will help you shed those extra pounds. Well, it may; however, they won’t stay away for long that way. Our body reacts in the same way to starvation and weight loss, that is, by slowing down metabolism, which in turn leads to burning fewer calories. This leads to two things if you continue to consume fewer calories:

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A) The weight loss will become slower, or

B) Weight loss will come to a complete halt.

When normal calorie consumption is resumed after this period, you may actually retain more of it as fat and tend to gain more weight than earlier. Moreover, weight loss using this means will tend to increase frailty, especially in older people, because of age-related losses in muscle mass and bone density. The only way to address this is to intensify your physical activity because this will help you counter the metabolic slowdown caused by a reduction in your caloric intake.

If one person increases exercise without cutting back on calories and another one cuts back on calories without exercising, the latter will probably find it easier to shed their weight. This is because it is much easier to reduce 500 calories per day from our diet than it is to burn up 500 calories by exercising. Being active is very important, not just to achieve weight loss; by being active, you burn up more of those calories, and when it is more than you consume, you achieve weight loss.

Exercising regularly helps to increase the amount of energy you burn, as well as boosts the energy expended during resting periods. Resting energy expenditure accounts for 65% to 70% of the calories that you burn each day. Therefore, any increase in this resting energy expenditure is very important in your weight loss journey.

The kinds of physical activities that can help to stimulate your metabolism include riding a bike uphill or walking briskly for a few miles. Even small activities like standing up at your desk instead of being seated constantly can add up to the amount of energy you spend on a daily basis.

Both diet and exercise are equally important. To tell you the truth, diet does have a more prominent effect on weight loss than physical activity. However, the latter has a more lasting and significant effect in preventing this lost weight from returning. Eat Smart, move more, and live better

Nutrition and lifestyle are key factors in leading a healthy life. Over the course of the article, we have covered different aspects of nutrition and have also taken a look at the different components you will need to include in your diet. You must remember that physical activity and nutrition go hand in hand. Ensure that you get to exercise for at least three days a week. I hope you have gathered all the information you were looking for from this article.


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