This is a delicious recipe when prepared in an Instant Pot Duo Crisp air fryer
lid. It is a healthy recipe as eggs are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin antioxidants
which prevent macular degeneration and important for eye health.

Prep time and cooking time: 30 minutes

Serves: 6
Ingredients to use:

● 4 egg whites
● 2 eggs
● 1/2 cup almond milk
● Salt
● Pepper
● 1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese
● 1/4 cup diced olives
● 1 tbsp. chopped parsley, fresh
● 1/4 cup diced tomatoes
● 1/4 cup diced onion

Step-by-Step Directions to Cook It:

1. Whisk egg whites, eggs, milk, salt, and pepper in a bowl, mixing.

2. Add cheese, olives, parsley, tomatoes, and onions then stir well.

3. Divide the egg mixture among 6 silicone muffin molds

4. Place a dehydrating tray in an air fryer basket, multi-level, then place
the basket in an instant pot.

5. Now place the muffin molds on your dehydrating tray.

6. Seal your pot using an air fryer lid.

7. Set to air fry mode, temperature to 350oF and set the timer for 20

8. Serve and enjoy.

Nutritional value per serving:
Calories: 107kcal, Carbs: 2.6g Fat: 8.5g, Protein: 6.1g