Top 10 Superfoods You Should Be Eating In 2020

Unlike superheroes, superfoods don’t come with a cape on, which makes it difficult for us to identify them. Honestly, the term “superfood” is being thrown around so loosely in the media that it leaves us completely overwhelmed, but seriously, how do you define superfood? What exactly is it? Do we need to load up on these so-called superfoods to lead a healthy life? The answer is a definite “yes.” Yes, we need superfoods to enhance our lives and protect us from potential health problems.

When I first started noticing signs of lethargy, I passed it off as a symptom of stress, but when the signs persisted, I was forced to take a close look at my dietary habits. Then it dawned on me that my meals were low in nutrition, vitamins, protein, and fiber. We are all guilty of conveniently blaming our lack of nutrition on our busy lifestyles, but we all know that’s not the story. Our ignorance is costing us our health, and it’s about time we took control of our nutritional needs.

We wanted our readers to have a perfect list of superfoods, which will help them to make healthier choices and, as a result, lead a healthier lifestyle. If you are looking to improve your health or wanting to lose weight, this book presents you with detailed information on 10 superfoods that can change your life. The benefits of each of these superfoods have been carefully studied. The article explains how these superfoods can enhance your overall health.


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Who loves broccoli? Okay, I don’t know many who would be excited at the thought of eating broccoli. It is a constant struggle to get your kids to eat it and, in some cases, even adults battle to eat broccoli. However, I can assure you that many people who claim to not like broccoli don’t know how to cook it the right way.

Broccoli doesn’t always have to taste bland. You can always sauté it with spices, soy sauce, or even make smoothies out of it. You can also add it to your salads, add it to several dips, or even bake it by seasoning it with some salt and pepper.

Broccoli is like the underdog of superfoods. It may not get as much credit as it deserves, but it’s packed with nutrients that can fight cancer. It’s loaded with protein, calcium, vitamin C, Vitamin B6, lots of fiber, and magnesium. It also contains a lot of antioxidants, which can fight against aging. If your goal is to lose weight, there’s nothing more satiating and nutrient-rich than broccoli without adding many calories to your diet. If that isn’t enough, it also helps in keeping you from developing any heart disease, and it fights congestion. Seriously, there’s so much more to these “mini trees” than you know. So the next time you make a trip to the grocery store, don’t forget to pick ahead of broccoli.


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Avocados are everywhere. Avocados seem to have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years because of their nutrient-dense properties. This super-green fruit is the darling of the produce section. They are the absolute go-to ingredient for a guacamole dip. So what makes this pear-like fruit such a hit among people? They are easy to love owing to their flavor, freshness, and the versatility they add to the menu. Regardless of whether you are a health-conscious person or not, you will end up falling in love with this fruit.

Avocados contain protein, fiber, vitamin E, potassium, and antioxidants and are low in pesticides. They are known to help you fight sugar cravings and hunger. They lower stress, add satiety to meals and also cause a reduction in the inflammation of the arteries and the digestive tract. Additionally, avocados often benefit people with type 2 diabetes and those suffering from heart issues.

You want to choose the best avocados when you are out shopping, so we advise that you pick the ripest ones that can be easily digested. To test out an avocado, try peeling off the tiny brownstone at the end. If it’s slightly green, consider it healthy, but if it appears brown, it’s certainly past its prime, and you need to pick another.

Sweet Potatoes:

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Can you guess what most people struggle with when it comes to following a specific diet or eating healthy? They have to give up on sweets, and it can be extremely difficult, especially if you have a sweet tooth like me, but have you considered including creamy textured sweet potatoes to your meals? It’s about time you did. You may be surprised to know how versatile they are. These babies can be used for making desserts, starters, curries, and even soups.

Moreover, they are cheap, so if you are a little tight in your pocket, you can still pig out on these “yams” as they are referred to in America. Now there are two types of sweet potatoes: the pale and creamy ones and the ones with bright orange flesh. You can pick whichever you like based on the texture. These tubers are considered to be extremely rich in vitamins A, C, and B6, as well as fiber, and they are a great source of carbohydrates. The orange-fleshed sweet potatoes are also packed with beta-carotene.

Traditionally, sweet potatoes are baked, mashed, or even roasted. However, these days, people are adding them to almost every dish you can think of. Risotto, pasta, noodles, and curries – you name it. Sweet potatoes also contain manganese and some antioxidants that have anti-cancer properties. They also have a low glycemic index as compared to white potatoes and therefore make a better pre-workout meal to give you that extra push needed for an intense workout session. If you are big on strength training, you should include sweet potatoes in your diet.


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We have been hearing a lot about kale these days. It’s so overwhelming that you want to pass it off as one of those health fads that die down with the trend, but no, this veggie needs some serious attention. There’s a reason why kale is deemed as the king of the greens. If you didn’t know this already, it’s considered to be one of the most nutrient-dense veggies across the globe. Yes, across the globe. So if you have been ignoring these super green leaves that are typically lying in the periphery of the store, give them a go.

From helping people to alleviate pain to enhancing heart health or even protecting people from cancer, kale can indeed be called a superfood. One cup of kale consists of different minerals, such as potassium and magnesium, and vitamins A, C, K, and B6. It also provides omega-3 fatty acids. Now that’s what I call packing a punch!

Kale isn’t as boring as you think. You can use it in different salads or smoothies, and it can even be baked as chips. This vibrant looking veggie, if eaten on a regular basis, can help lower cholesterol, fight against cancer, and also help you shed those excess pounds. Eating kale is also a good way of boosting your iron levels after your workouts.


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I know you have heard enough about spinach over the years. By now, whenever you hear about the goodness of spinach, some of you may yawn, but do you know how important this original super green is? Okay, before I talk about its health benefits, let’s talk a little about how it can make our meals tastier.

If you have had a long day at work, you can simply make a spinach soup with some tomatoes in it. Season it with some salt and pepper, and you have a refreshingly tasty soup, which will not

only soothe your taste buds but will also leave you feeling satiated. Spinach can also be used to make various types of curries, be added to a salad, rice, noodles, pasta, and wraps, and can even be sautéed. Moreover, spinach smoothie could make an excellent breakfast drink after your workout sessions.

As far as its health benefits are concerned, spinach is loaded with calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, vitamin A, beta-carotene, and manganese, among a few others. The nutrients present in spinach can be excellent for your brain function, eyes, and blood pressure levels and can boost your metabolism. Spinach also contains a lot of water-soluble vitamins, minerals, fat-soluble vitamins, and several phytonutrients. According to a particular study, a bowl of spinach is enough to increase your muscle efficiency and to fight against inflamed muscles. This list can go on and on. The bottom line is that you should not forget to include this superfood in your daily diet.

Green Tea:

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Almost everyone is seen sipping on some green tea these days. A few months ago, every other person I would bump into would go on and on about how green tea has helped him or her lose weight.

To be honest, I thought this ingredient is too hyped up, so I didn’t want to try it. However, here’s what happened. I suddenly decided to give it a go, and it did wonders for my health and skin. I believe what they say about green tea – that it’s the healthiest drink on this planet. Although green tea is mostly famous among

fitness-conscious people, everyone who needs a quick boost of refreshing energy before they start their day can enjoy it. Aside from boosting your metabolism and helping you lose a few pounds, green tea also offers a plethora of other benefits. These may include:

●       Reduced blood pressure levels

●       Improved bone density

●       Improved memory

●       Prevention of cancer

●       Reduced risk of heart disease and arteriosclerosis

●       Reduced cholesterol levels

Green tea is rich in antioxidants it helps you detox your skin and leaves it radiant, which will not go unnoticed. If you still have some lingering questions in your mind about green tea, such as “Does it work for everyone?” “Does it have too much caffeine?” or “How much is too much?” let me tell you that your concerns are imaginary. Absolutely anyone, regardless of age or health condition, can gulp down two to three cups of green tea per day without causing any problems.


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Do I need to say anything more about the goodness of apples? Eating an apple a day to keep the doctor away might be such a clichéd statement that sometimes, you may take this fruit for granted. However, let’s accept it. The reputation this fruit has gained over the years is well-deserved.

Apples are one of the healthiest snacks you can have any time of the day without worrying about adding calories. This classic fruit is known to keep a host of illnesses away. This may include obesity, cancer, cholesterol, and the risk of stroke, and it increases brainpower. Apples contain enough fiber to keep constipation at bay. They also keep you feeling full for a long time without adding many calories. So if you are trying to lose weight, apples are your go-to snack. Apples contain antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins B and C, and a lot of dietary fiber.


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Flaxseeds are slowly gaining popularity as the new wonder food on the market. Today, flaxseeds are found in almost all foods, including waffles, crackers, and even oatmeal. Along with consumer demand, the agricultural demand for flaxseeds is rising. These nutty, shiny seeds have a lovely earthy aroma. They are filled to the brim with natural goodness and are extremely versatile.

Some nutrition experts suggest that it’s better to consume flaxseeds in ground form to reap the maximum benefits. Finding creative techniques to add flaxseeds to your meals isn’t a challenge anymore. People are adding them to practically every dish you can think of: cookies, muffins, bread, smoothies, and desserts – you name it.

Despite it being popular, not many people know about the benefits of flaxseeds. One tablespoon of flaxseeds contains about 40 calories that include 2.8 g of carbohydrates, 2.8 g of fats, 1.6 g of protein, up to 8 g of fiber, and 3 mg sodium. The health benefits of regular consumption of flaxseeds are numerous. Some of these include cancer prevention, regulation of bowel functions, and reduced risk of heart disease.


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Haven’t we always known that beetroot is good for us? So why is it that we ignore this wonderfully nutritious vegetable? Do you know what would happen if we all consumed beetroot almost every day? Here’s your answer: you would have better stamina, better mood, lower blood pressure, and better blood circulation.

If you haven’t yet included this veggie in your meals, it’s about time you did. Beetroot is packed with betaine, which can help you against chronic diseases and can protect your internal organs.

Traditionally, beetroot was used to cure a wide range of ailments, including skin problems, fever, and constipation. It is also a great source of folate, iron, betaine, magnesium, nitrates, and other antioxidants.

One of the most common ways of consuming beetroot is by juicing it. However, if you are not a juice person, you can add it to salads, rice, noodles, and even desserts. Consuming a medium-sized beetroot before your workouts can instantly boost your performance. It also helps in muscle recovery and prevents hunger.

Powdered beetroot is easily available in the market. So if you are missing a bit of sweetness in your meals, you can add a spoonful to your porridge bowl, oats, or even breakfast smoothies. Another way of adding beetroot to your diet is to use the new Beetroot Sprinkle. This super sprinkle from Primrose’s Kitchen can be added to smoothies, protein shakes, and even pancakes.

Goji Berries:

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Some varieties of Goji berries are overwhelmingly bitter, and that is probably the only reason you have been avoiding this magical superfood. However, the dried Goji berries are a bit more palatable with a slightly bitter taste, a sweet aftertaste, and more tartness.

I was also hesitant to try them out because my friends would keep talking about their bitter taste. It’s not like I ended up loving them at the first go, but these exotic-looking berries grew on me.

You can certainly develop a taste for Goji berries as you keep eating them. This superfood can be found in dried form, too, but you may struggle to find fresh berries.

Goji berries aren’t new to the market. In fact, they have been used for centuries in ancient Chinese medicine. In Chinese medicine, these berries are added to the blood and immune tonics as they are full of vitamin C, which instantly boosts your immune system. They are also packed with iron and vitamin A, and they consist of an entire set of eight essential amino acids. One ounce of Goji berries contains 3 g of fiber and 4 g of protein.

Moreover, they are low in calories, contain 0% fat, loaded with beta-carotene, and excellent for the eyes and skin. A handful of Goji berries have the power to nourish your kidneys and liver, thus normalizing blood flow and promoting cardiovascular health. A 45- minute workout session calls for at least two tablespoons of Goji berries, as they can help you restore lost electrolytes and enable your muscles to recover quickly.


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